Why I’m here (blogging, that is).

Greetings, visitor.

This blog exists to provide support to the new and growing Israel Green Movement.  The Israel Green Movement (IGM), founded by Alon Tal and Eran Ben Yemini, exists to mobilize and engage Israeli citizens concerned with the long-term viability and sustainability of the state.  While the movement was founded by environmental activists, they define environment in the broadest sense.  For IGM, environmentalism means working for the social, political, economic and environmental well-being of all of Israel’s citizens, and in so far as possible, all global citizens.  They work to assure a good quality of life, which includes social and economic justice, a clean environment, access to good health care and education, and a safe and secure Israel at peace with its neighbors.

But this is not their blog.  Its mine.  I am a great supporter of their vision and goals (and a card carrying member), and would like to bring their message to as many folks as possible.  I see this movement as the embodiment of hope for Israel’s future.  I am greatly dismayed by a number of trends in Israel, not least of which: political corruption, decline in quality of health and educational services, growing income disparities, ongoing discrimination in the provision of public services to Israel’s Arab population, pollution and loss of public open space.  Simultaneously, I am enamored with Israel’s potential – its academic and technological prowess, the relative degree of freedom and openness despite its security situation, the commitment of its citizens to envision and work towards a better society.  And I want Israel to be a good place for my kids.  If you share these concerns, I’d like to familiarize you with the IGM, where you will find hundreds of others who are committed to overcoming all obstacles towards building a better society in Israel.

So, that’s why I’m here.  I’m going to provide all the reasons to support this movement.  I’ll try not to be long-winded.  And I’ll keep it colorful and engaging.  I hope to pick up others along the way who share my concerns.  Sorry I’m not blogging in Hebrew.  That would take way too much time and expose way too many grammatical errors.  Bad enough that they’ll be errors in English!

Cheers,  Daniel.


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