Why Green is for [almost] everyone, Part I

Green is about human quality of life

Green is about human quality of life

The environmental movement has matured over the past 40 years. It has become a world view that first and foremost focuses on human wellbeing, with a clear understanding that environmental health and human wellbeing are closely linked. You may be surprised that many of your most cherished ideals are embodied in the vision of the environmental movement in general, and the Israel Green Movement in particular.

The following is a excerpt from the Green Movement vision statement:

The Green Movement is not a passing fad, but rather an articulate expression of a progressive worldview, evolved over years of environmental work both at home and abroad. It’s a worldview that touches on every sphere of life, and that brings together environmental, social, economic, civic, and humanitarian principles into a single, comprehensive whole. “Green” is not merely narrow campaign to save a stretch of beach, a grove of trees, or an endangered wildflower; “green” is a broad, far-reaching political agenda that beckons to each individual Israeli.

“Green” is not just concern for the planet, but concern for its inhabitants, their welfare, their happiness, their future. “Green” is not just being in favor of recycling, but identifying and “outting” those who profit at the expense of the environment and society’s weaker elements. “Green” is standing along side those harmed by environmental and social injustice. And first and foremost, “green” is a steadfast belief in change and the ability to generate it.

True, if you own a large factory that is illegally dumping pollutants into Haifa’s air or into the coastal aquifer, the IGM may not be for you. But if you believe that you, your neighbors and all your fellow citizens have the same right to clean air, clean drinking water, and access to safe and clean city parks (for example), then the IGM is indeed for you.


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