Profiles of IGM Leadership – Eran Ben Yemini

The Israel Green Movement is distinguished from other green political movements in that it was founded from the ground up:  Grassroots environmental activists, not politicians in search of a cause, run the movement and determine its vision and platforms.  Eran Ben Yemini – IGM founder along with Alon Tal – is a grassroots activist par excellance.

Eran Ben Yemini

IGM Leadership: Eran Ben Yemini

Ben Yemini is a veteran of many environmental campaigns over the past decade.  He was the founding Director of Green Course – the Israeli students’ environmental NGO – which today is at the forefront of the environmental revolution in Israel at the grassroots level.  Eran studied acting in London, and holds a BA in Physics from the Technion Institute of Technology. He is currently working on a doctorate in Science Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University.

Today Ben Yemini coordinates the Environmental Fellows Alumni and is a facilitator in the Fellows program at the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership.  He is also the coordinator of the undergraduate Environmental Studies program at The Kibbutzim College (Seminar Ha’Kibbutzim).  Finally, he sits on the boards of the Israel Energy Forum and Green Course, where he assists in guiding the vision and activities of the organization.

IGM is excited to have Eran Ben Yemini leading the movement.


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