Saying no to beach front development in Palmachim

A haven for nature lovers and beach bums, alike.

Palmachim: A haven for nature lovers and beach bums, alike.

Palmachim Beach, just south of Rishon L’Tzion, is one of the last undeveloped, publicly accessible beaches in central Israel.  The beautiful beach is a haven for nature lovers (read: tide pools and coastal dunes!), archeological explorers, fishermen, swimmers and sunbathers.  Problem is, development rights were sold by the Israel Lands Authority about seven years ago, and now a two-meter high corrugated metal fence is surrounding a holiday-village in construction.  But a coalition of locals from Nes Tziona, Rishon and Rehovot, along with nation-wide supporters, aren’t giving up on this beach.  They hope to preserve the beach for public recreation and nature.  They’ve been hosting demonstrations, outdoor concerts, beach dinners and now – on 28 September, 19:00 at Tel Aviv’s Cinematec – a photographic exhibition.  A month later the exhibit will move to Nes Tziona and from there to Rehovot.  See here for Hebrew coverage on the event and here for my take on the campaign.  And if you’re interested, check out the English site for the campaign (and some more beautiful photographs).


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