Jerusalem municipal elections – now featuring a social-environmental choice!

“Wake Up Jerusalemites!” or Hitoreru Yerushalmim is the social-environmental choice for the municipal elections in Jerusalem.  The party represents the merger of two progressive movements, bringing together two parties intent on changing the face of Jerusalem and reversing the trends of social and economic decline in the city.  Yerushalmim is a party of secular and religious Jews, headed by Rachel Azaria Fraenkel, committed to public participation in city planning, decreasing the amount of empty “second-home” apartments in the capital, equitable division of resources to all of the city’s schools, beautifying the city and investing in parks and public spaces, developing tourist infrastructure and assisting small businesses, attracting high-tech companies to the city, and improving public transport infrastructure and walking/biking paths.  Hitorerut shares a similar platform and adds the energy of a young Jerusalemites to the list.  For more on the parties (which, again, are now united) see the websites for Yerushalmim and Hitorerut.  For coverage of Yerushalmim in the Jerusalem Post, see here.  And, make sure you VOTE on 11 November!


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