The endorsement is in: Dov Khenin and “City for All” for the Tel Aviv Municipal Elections

"City for All" for Tel Aviv Municipal Elections

"City for All" for Tel Aviv Municipal Elections

It should come as no surprise that the Green Israel Movement is endorsing Dov Khenin and his party, City for All (עיר לכולנו) for the Tel Aviv Municipal elections.  Khenin’s social-environmental record – as a citizen and as a parliamentarian – is phenomenal.  A lawyer by profession, Khenin served as director of “Life and Environment,” the umbrella organization representing all of Israel’s environmental groups.  Soon after he was elected to Knesset with the Hadash party, he established a solid reputation as a successful legislator.  Along with Rabbi Michael Melchior, he also turned the Knesset Social-Environmental Lobby into a prominant voice for social justice and the environment within the legislative body.  City for All is committed to democratic representation in city council, and has detailed work plans for improving education, housing and transportation for all of Tel Aviv’s citizens.
Dov Khenin for Mayor of Tel Aviv

Dov Khenin for Mayor of Tel Aviv

In their endorsement of Don Khenin and City for All, Green Movement leaders Alon Tal and Eran Ben-Yemini write, “There is nothing more natural and obvious for us than to join in support of City for All and Dov Khenin in their campaign for the municipality of Tel Aviv… City for All offers a concrete guarantee for a different kind of politics: democratic, transparent, equal and progressive.  A party that will give real representation to diverse sectors and groups.  A party that will advance the issues that are of central importance to the city’s residents.”  For complete [Hebrew] details, visit their website here.


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