Some green political news from Israel

A couple quick links from the recent press in Israel.

Rachel Azaria – running for Jerusalem city council with the Hitorerut-Yerushalmim party – explains in a Ha’aretz Op-Ed why the winner of the race for mayor of Jerusalem will need a social-environmental party in city council to “keep him honest.”  She writes that in the context of two candidates with narrow political agendas:

“the second ballot – for city council – in the municipal election becomes all the more crucial, offering residents the opportunity to vote not solely on the basis of religious leanings, but according to the agenda presented by the various lists and the quality of the people running on those lists. Whoever becomes mayor will need to assemble a coalition, and voting for a list that reflects one’s values and concerns should help to guarantee that someone is keeping an eye on his actions and influencing policy.”

For the full op-ed, click here.

In other news, the Alon Tal gives a sneak peak to the Jerusalem Post of what’s going on in the Israel Green Movement, from running candidates in municipal election to the proclamation of a new political party at the national level.

“According to Tal, there are five elements that must characterize any green party:

• Transparency
• democratic norms
• professionalism
• a broad agenda, rather than a niche one
• leaders with proven records”

Indeed!  For the full article, click here.


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