The IGM congratulates our friends who ran in municipal elections – off to a great start!

"City for All" now appearing in Tel Aviv City Hall

City for All: Now appearing in the Tel Aviv City Council

Dov Khenin is not the new mayor of Tel Aviv. However, his party – “City for All” (עיר לכולנו) will now be the strongest opposition bloc in the Tel Aviv Municipality in years. “City for All” received more than 20,000 votes to give them 5 seats in the city council. Dov, meanwhile, won 34% of the vote for mayor – totalling more than 46,000 votes. The Israel Green Movement looks forward to working with “City for All” to improve housing, education, political ethics and environment in Tel Aviv.

Avi Dabush - Our man in Ashkelon

Avi Dabush - Our man in Ashkelon

Meanwhile, in Ashkelon, the coalition of new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and IGM’s Avi Dabush brought in 2,300 votes – enough to put a party member into city council. Dabush and his colleagues ran an aggressive five-week campaign not only promoting their party, but collecting more than 1000 objections to the proposed new coal-fired power plant in Ashkelon at the same time.

"Barkat's Environmentalist" - Nomi Tzur (on the left)

Nomi Tzur (as featured in the Jerusalem Report a couple years ago, pictured on left)

In Jerusalem, the IGM supported party Yerushalmim, headed by Rachel Azaria who teamed with a second party (Hitorerut), won two seats in the city council. Moreover, environmental activist-icon Nomi Tzur – who was running on the number 3 spot of newly elected mayor Nir Barkat’s list – won a seat in the council as well. The Jerusalem Post reports on “Barkat’s top environmentalist” here. We look forward to the tremendous Green potential in Jerusalem!

In Rehovot, Daniel Bell’s Tapuz party unfortunately did not pass the threshold to get into city council, although it garnered more than 1000 votes in the city. True to form, Daniel and his colleagues have pledged to continue growing their grassroots movement, with the goal of assuring quality of life, education, environment and clean government in Rehovot.

Now – all eyes on the Knesset.


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