The Israel Green Movement membership votes on leadership and political path

The movement votes on leaders and political future

The movement votes on leaders and political future

The Israel Green Movement met on Friday, November 14 in Tel Aviv where its membership voted wholeheartedly to run as an independent list in the national elections for the Knesset in February. The Israel Green Movement (HaTnua HaYeruka – התנועה הירוקה) is made up of leaders from the environmental movement around the country who have decided that politics would be the best way to move a social-environmental agenda forward in Israel.

Over 200 plus party members elected Eran Ben Yemini the Party Chairman of the Israel Green Movement.  Ben Yemini is the founding director of Green Course (Megama HaYaruka – מגמה ירוקה) which is an environmental NGO at the forefront of the environmental revolution in Israel at the grassroots

Eran Ben Yemini - IGM Chairman

Eran Ben Yemini - IGM Chairman

level.  Professor Alon Tal of Ben Gurion University was elected Vice Chairman of the Party. Tal, winner of the Charles Bronfman Prize and of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protections’ Lifetime Achievement award, has had a huge impact on improving the environment in Israel by establishing both the Israel Union for Environmental Defense (Adam Teva V’Din – אדם, טבע ודין) and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

The Green Movement is interested in more than cleaning up the environment in Israel.  The Green Movement is a social environmental movement that brings together activists, organizers, academics and Israeli citizens who all share an awareness that the social environmental agenda must be central to Israel’s political discourse.  Being “green” is not just a concern for the planet of concern, but for its inhabitants and their welfare and their future.  Being “green” is standing

Alon Tal - IGM Vice Chairman

Alon Tal - IGM Vice Chairman

alongside those harmed by environmental and social injustice and being “green” is a steadfast belief in change and the ability to generate it in Israel.  Members of the Green Movement are not satisfied with present choices for leading the country and are looking for new and inspiring leadership. (For more, see this blog’s section on “Why Being Green is [Almost] for Everyone.”

In addition to electing its leadership, party members of the Green Movement elected another 50 of its members to lead and organize the nationwide campaign for the elections to the Knesset in February.  The Green Movement will now be reaching out to Israelis around the country who are interested in change and who are interested in a cleaner and more socially just Israel.

Shai Golub registers the IGM as a political party

Shai Golub (IGM general manager) registers the IGM as a political party

The Green Movement has scheduled its primary elections to establish its Knesset List of candidates at a Green Movement Membership meeting in Tel Aviv on December 12th. A deadline of Friday, November 28 has been set to register as a Party Member so to be able to participate in the party primary.

For more information, visit the party web site here.


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