Israel Green Movement Primaries

Bored of the press infatuation with Likud’s comeback, Labor’s crash, National Religious Party’s disappearance and the new Left’s party in formation?  Don’t care what generals-turned-politicians or disgruntled back-benchers are returning to Likud?  Tired of wondering which wayward public figure will find a home in Kadima?  Worn out with Barak’s deconstruction of Labor?

The Israel Green Movement

The Israel Green Movement

On 12 December, Israel Green Movement members are going to the polls to chose the party chairperson and candidate list for Knesset.  If you want to contribute in forming our list, now is the last chance to join and influence.  On this blog we have profiled three of the candidates (Eran Ben Yemini, Alon Tal and Gershon Baskin), and will attempt to profile the others as folks declare their candidacy (next candidate profile – Dr. Shmuel Brenner, deputy director of the Israel Ministry of Environment from 1990 to 2000).  So – join, donate, vote – and help realize a social-environmental vision in Israel and the world.


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