New candidate for the Green Movement List – Introducing Shimi Ref

The list is growing quickly of those running for a place on the Green Movement ticket for Knesset. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m not going to be able to keep up providing biographies for all of them (I’ve got to keep my day job!). Shimi Ref, however, got to me before the deluge and I’ll profile him here.

Grassroots takes on a whole new meaning with Shimi Ref – a guide and teacher with Shomrei HaGan (“Keepers of the Garden”) for the past eight years. Shomrei HaGan combines teachings of “earth, man and spirit” to help people connect with the natural and spiritual world, as well as with their fellow humans “creating a healthy social environmental for everyone.” In this setting, Shimi teaches organic agriculture, energy and economics. He gains fulfillment and sense of purpose in knowing that his teachings help others improve their lives and strengthens our communities.

Shimi Ref at work at Shomrei HaGan

Shimi Ref (on right): teacher and guide with Shomrei HaGan

In 2005 Shimi was among the founders of the Association for Sustainable Economics, and he has been active in many environmental campaigns over the past decade. In fact, for Shimi, activism is a way of life. He believes in action driven by a strong sense of purpose for the good of community.

Shimi offers qualities that might be considered unique in today’s political climate: attentiveness, tenderness, speaking from the heart, and an awareness that emotions and instinct are a crucial part of people’s lives.


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