38 candidates running for the Green Movement List

As I was afraid, there are too many candidates vying for the Green Movement list for me to profile them all.  Suffice to say that 12 December will be a festive day when hundreds of Green Movement members will meet to choose its list.  For Hebrew readers, the full list is on the official Israel Green Movement website here.

In other news – kudos to Neta Shanas who started a new Hebrew blog “The Israel Green Movement – Next Generation” (התנועה הירוקה – הדור הבא) for young people who want to get involved in environment and politics in Israel.  Kol HaKavod, Neta!

One final somber note.  I’d like to send my sympathies to all of the victims of the recent terror attacks in Mumbai.  Closer to home, I’d like to express my sorrow for the losses in the Chabad Movement.  While Chabad’s priorities and beliefs are very different than my own, I greatly admire their activism, commitment and willingness to go anywhere in the world to assist Jews (and others).  As every Israeli backpacker knows – as lone Jewish senior citizens in small Russian villages know – as many drug addicts in US cities know – Chabad’s doors are open for anyone seeking community, comfort, Jewish spirituality and assistance.  That is why there is a Chabad presence in Mumbai, as there is in so many communities around the globe.  Activists should take note and learn from their passion and commitment.  For the victims in the Mumbai Chabad House and all of the victims of the terrorist attacks in India this week – zichronam l’bracha.


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