Israel Green Movement and the elections – running independently

The Israel Green Movement – with 900 card-carrying members and growing – has been approached by a number of parties to join with them in their race for Knesset.  The most serious of these offers – from the peoplehoodnew social-democratic party in formation (including Meretz, ex-Laborites and social activists) was turned down by the IGM membership in a vote of 22-74.  Yossi Abramowitz, who is running for the IGM list, covered the event on his blog here.  Unfortunately, I can’t cover the issues that were raised, as I didn’t attend, but I will link to the discussions around the event as they come up.

greenprophetIn the meantime, more excellent reading material from, who interviewed our spokesperson, Rami Livni, here.

And while you’re reading, here’s my newest piece – this time in the Providence Journal – on my impressions from the first Middle East Biodiversity Congress last month in Aqaba.  I include it because I argue, once again, that our environmental problems are grounded in more systemic problems of inequity, war, misplaced values, and demographic and economic issues.

The causes of our biodiversity crisis, like the causes of many of our global environmental problems, are rooted in broad, systemic problems: Wars, military training and arms races in the Middle East directly degrade the natural environment, but also insidiously distract us and divert our limited economic and political resources, from not only caring for our natural heritage, but for people as well. The gospel of economic growth churns up ecosystem after ecosystem, and with them some of the most beautiful natural assets that the Earth has to offer and a source of wonder to people. Population growth places increasing stress on hydrological systems and land reserves that must continue to provide raw materials, food, water and space to an ever-growing population.


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