Gil Sapir, z”l

Gil Sapir, z"l

Gil Sapir, z"l

The Israel Green Movement joins in mourning Gil Sapir – husband, father and grandfather – who died this morning in Haifa. Gil was a forester with the Jewish National Fund (KKL) for 28 years, serving as head of the science unit within the forestry department prior to his retirement. Upon retirement, Gil returned to studies and was working towards his Ph.D. in the lab of Yohay Carmel at the Technion. With Gil’s passing, we lose his love and passion for the nature, land and people of Israel, his accumulated experience of forestry and land management, and his friendship. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.


One response to “Gil Sapir, z”l

  1. Gil Sapir was a person who exemplified the extraordinary evolution in the thinking and actions of the Keren Kayemeth. A forester, with the intelligence and openness to internalize the lessons that nature was teaching KKL about how it should plant trees and embrace diversity. He made a significant contribution to the ecological integrity of the Keren Kayemeth and to making Israeli forests sustainable.

    He will be missed.

    Baruch Dayan Emeth.

    Professor Alon Tal

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