IGM candidate profile: Natalia Gutkowski

With primaries a mere four days away, our blog is making a last effort to familiarize readers with the candidates for our Knesset list. Here we are proud to introduce Natalia Gutkowski with a communication provided by a close friend.

Natalia Gutvokski - Environmental activist, educator, leader

Natalia Gutkowski - Environmental activist, educator, leader

Natalia is described by her friends as a natural environmental leader. She has been involved in a variety of educational initiatives, where she inspires people of all ages and cultures towards action: youth and adults, Jews and Arabs, Israelis and foreigners, and of course her high-school students.

Natalia manages the environmental program of a school that went on to win one of only three prestigious prizes for environmental activities from the Minister of Education in 2008. In addition to working with Israelis, she has, for many years, led Jewish youth groups in the Diaspora.

Natalia graduated her BA in education with highest honors, and is now researching fair trade in Israel towards her MA at the Tel Aviv University Porter School of Environment.

Natalia is a member of the Palestinian- Israeli PRIME project for history teaching. She has spoken on behalf of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in front of Nobel Prize winners and world leaders, and is known for her charisma, devotion, modesty and record of achievements.

Natalia’s webpage in Hebrew is here.


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