Who is the IGM? Co-Founder David Lehrer

David Lehrer is one of the founding members of Israel’s Green Movement. Holding a joint Masters Degree in Management Science from Boston

David Lehrer - improving Israel’s corrupt political culture

David Lehrer - improving Israel’s corrupt political culture

University and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, David has been the director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies since 2001. He has also worked for the Hevel Eilot Regional Council, the United Kibbutz Movement, and has twice served as an emissary for the Jewish Agency for Israel in the United States. David is also a founding member of both the Green Kibbutz Association and the Alliance for Peace in the Middle East Organization.

After 20 years of active membership in the Labour Party, David realized that forming the Green Movement would be an important step forward in working toward improving Israel’s corrupt and dysfunctional political culture. According to David, key issues that are shaping the country’s future are being completely ignored, including public health, education and the environment.

David is currently working on the Green Movement’s Peace and Security Platform, which stresses, among other things, cross-border environmental initiatives. He is presently pursuing a doctorate at the Ben Gurion University’s School of Management, researching the economic impact of invasive species on the Nitzanim Coastal Sand Dune Park in Israel.


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