On our way to the Israel Green Movement primaries!

Invitation to the green celebration and primaries

Invitation to the green celebration and primaries

First and foremost: Green Movement Celebration and Primaries – all the public is invited for the celebration, members invited to vote.  So come to the Kibbutz Seminar Center in Ramat Aviv this Friday, at 8:45 through the afternoon to celebrate with us.  If you are a voting member, candidate profiles in Hebrew are here.  About 10 of the candidates are also profiled in English on our site.

Otherwise, so much to report – The Green Movement is involved in several environmental campaigns, two new writers have joined our blog, new Facebook groups – including one in English for locals and one for Israel Green Movement friends abroad, and several articles covering our press conference yesterday (one in English here and one in Hebrew here, with video coverage of Eran Ben Yemini and Alon Tal at the press conference).  But, alas, I have my day job to worry about and the primaries are coming up, so I can’t write more now.

When I get back, I’ll report on the results of the primaries and we’ll get many more items of interest up on the blog.  So, more soon and here’s to a greener, more economically and socially just Israel!

Our IGM candidates

Our IGM candidates


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