Going Green – Author Haim Watzman explains his move to the IGM

Haim Watzman – journalist, author (“A Crack in the Earth” and “Company C: An American’s Life as a Citizen Soldier in Israel“), and blogger – published yesterday a concise explanation why he, a long-time Labor voter and critic of small parties, is this time around going for the Green Movement.

… these are unusual times, and I’m about to violate my own rule. I’m going to abandon Labor and vote for the new Green Movement.

The Green Movement (not to be confused with the older but largely ineffectual Green Party) has managed in just a few months of activity to put together a high-quality, diverse team of experienced, wonky, and personable activists…

… these Greens see intelligent environmental planning and conservation as a model for how to approach the entire range of issues that Israel faces, from the peace process to social stratification to economics. Environmentalists are used to planning for the long term, rather than putting all their chips in tomorrow while losing sight of the day after.

You can read the entire article in Jewcy, the online webzine on contemporary Jewish issues.  Readers and Green Movement fans are recommended to check out Haim’s books and blog where they can gain from his (and fellow blogger Gershom Gorenberg’s) unique “progressive, skeptical” perspectives.


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