Meimad and Israel Green Movement merging lists for the elections

Several reports are out in the press that Meimad – the party comprised (primarily) of progressive, religious Jews under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Melchior and our Green Movement will run together in the next election. The IGM leadership approved the merger, but it still has to be approved by the IGM membership. This blogger loves the idea. Rabbi Melchior is an excellent parliamentarian and Meimad and the Green Movement share a common vision across a number of issues from social welfare to environment to economics, to mutual respect and tolerance among people. We welcome your comments.

There are also reports in the Hebrew press that Green Party #2 Hadas Sachnai is considering leaving the Green Party and joining the Green Movement. We remind you that Shmuel Gelbhart – former leader of the Green Party in Haifa and Haifa municipal council member – has already left his former party and joined the Israel Green Movement.

Things are getting more and more promising for the next election. The people of Israel have a solid, visionary list to support. And there is hope where there is vision.


One response to “Meimad and Israel Green Movement merging lists for the elections

  1. Best of luck from Scotland. Israel, like everywhere else, could use a strong set of Greens in Parliament.

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