Israel Green Movement in favor of public transportation, clean air and open space!

One bus or many cars? (picture from

One bus or many cars? (picture from

OK. That was a bit of a trick title. The IGM has formally announced its OPPOSITION to recent increases in fares for public transportation. But its important to stress that we are actually IN FAVOR of high quality public transportation. We are IN FAVOR of reducing air pollution and traffic congestion by improving public transportation quality and service. We are IN FAVOR of support of buses, taxis and trains as a comfortable and efficient alternative to private automobile use. The external costs of air pollution, traffic congestion, oil dependency, loss of open space to roads and parking can all be alleviated through improvement of public transportation. And we are all in favor of cleaner air, reducing traffic jams, preserving open space and breaking our addiction to oil. The Finance Ministry, with its proposal to raise public transportation fares by 8% (even as the price of gas is falling), sees things differently.

COME DEMONSTRATE WITH US in Jerusalem in favor of affordable public transportation.  We are meeting across from the Central Bus Station tomorrow, 23 Tuesday, at 15:00. Rides available from Tel Aviv at 13:15 – contact Yoav (054-6269362) or Ofer (054-7866841) for more information.

Want to read more (in Hebrew) about the Israel Green Movement position on Transportation?  Click here.


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