Tolerance, social equity and justice, environment: How the Greens differ in Israel

n30053107768_79291The Green Israel Movement has officially combined with Meimad (under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Melchior) into one faction running for Knesset.

Member of Knesset Rabbi Michael Melchior

Member of Knesset Rabbi Michael Melchior

Many friends have been asking, why are there two green parties running.  Some clarification is in order.  There has indeed been something called a “Green Party” in Israel, but the formation of the Green Movement was in part a response to the fact that activists and professionals in the environmental community felt that the Green Party agenda was too restrictive, and it didn’t adequately address the core social and economic problems driving environmental problems.  Others have written about this.

In the meantime, many Green Party members have now switched over to the Green Movement and more internal divisions in the Green Party are surfacing.  And yet the Green Party under the leadership of Pe’er Visner, who has a bit of a spotty record, is still running for Knesset.  The good news is that Pe’er Visner may be forced to step down as Green Party head, and this may pave the way for a future merging of all of the environmental parties.

We in the Green Movement continue to welcome Green Party rank-and-file into a true social-environmental party.  Your comments are welcome.


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