The Israel Green Movement and Gaza

Friendly reminder: This is an unofficial blog of the IGM – so the views and interpretations are my own.

The Israel Green Movement is currently working on a position paper with regard to the recent violence in Gaza and southern Israel.  It is well worth reminding in the meantime that the Green Movement, which mourns the loss of all human life,  supports the right of Israel and its government to protect the lives of its citizens.  At the same time, we believe that the way forward to peace between Israel and Palestine is based on mutual recognition and two states – Israel and Palestine – for two people.  Our platform on regional issues emphasizes cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians on all environmental issues – including water management, air quality and open spaces/biodiversity.  Our working assumption is that the area of Israel and Palestine constitutes a single ecological unit in which natural resources must be managed cooperatively.  We hope to see a speedy end to hostilities and an initiation of constructive dialogue based on the principle of two states/two people.

Until the release a position statement on Gaza, readers are suggested to read IGM member Gershon Baskin’s op ed in the Jerusalem Post yesterday (which is his opinion and not that of the IGM), where he explains the predicament for Israel and Palestine of a Hamas-led government in Gaza.  It is found here.


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