Pre-election announcements!

Vote "ה" for התנועה הירוקה-מימד

Vote "ה" for התנועה הירוקה-מימד

1) Live in Beer Sheva/Omer/Lehavim/Meitar or the surrounding area and still want your chance to meet Green Movement-Meimad candidates?  Come to a parlour meeting at the home of Dr. Clive and Hani Lipchin in Meitar on Saturday Night (Motzei Shabbat, 7/2/09) at 19:00.  Speakers will be Professor Alon Tal and Dr. Sarit Oked.  For information, contact Clive via email:  Clivearava – at –

2) Want to contribute to the last second-to-last pre-election blog entry at  “100 supporters suggest 100 reasons to vote Green Movement-Meimad.” Please send me in a comment or email (Daniel.orenstein – at –

Your first name, your age, your place of residence, your occupation, and one reason why you think everyone should vote Green Movement-Meimad. (Put the reason most important to you.)

For example:

Daniel, 40, Haifa, Environmental policy researcher and teacher.  “Because our children deserve an excellent education and Rabbi Melchior has already proven that he can help make our educational system better.”  (This one is 100% true!  See the party Hebrew site under חינוך)

3) More on education, see Marie Orian’s analysis of Israel’s educational system as “popularity contest:”

These days, school administrators have become marketers; consumed with dialing for dollars and romancing donors. And the donors want to get behind feel-good projects they can identify with. Wealthier communities, especially those with connections in the USA, are acquiring the support they need for pet school projects. It’s not that these projects aren’t worthy, they are, but what becomes of other deserving groups lacking the connections to stir up donor sentiments?

The challenge is to create an equal educational opportunity for Israel’s youth across the board, especially raising the standard in disenfranchised communities; including new immigrants, Mizrachim, Religious Jews, Women, Arabs and Druze. This must be an ongoing effort, and not simply dependant on sporadic fits and starts of donor funds for the most ‘popularized’ projects.

More of her article is here.


One response to “Pre-election announcements!

  1. Marc, 60, Informal educator: As we’ve just seen in another election elsewhere, maybe there needs to be some place for vision, for saying out loud: “This is what we really want – not the least of all evils, not what we can get under the circumstances – but what we really believe in.” When you keep settling for mediocrity, you get mediocrity. If we want to raise the level of discourse, we have to look up.

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