The Unofficial Blog revived!

Hello supporters of the Green Movement,

After a long time that this blog hasn’t seen much action, I am going to make an effort of reviving it, for the sake of those of you who – like me – want to keep an eye on what’s going on with the movement even though the elections have been and gone, and want to do what we can for the principles we voted for despite the fact that the movement did not make it into the Knesset.

I’m a soldier in present, a guide for the Society for Nature Protection in Israel’s youth movement in the past, and a free civilian in Israel come August. Last year, I was eager for elections to come, but the nearer I came to the elections, I felt more and more like the things I wanted to vote for – a rational left-wing voice that puts nature protection and social issues as a top priority – did not exist. My voting considerations were between bad and worse. When my mom told me that I should look up the Green Movement, I found a party that stood for everything I do, that suggests real solutions to real problems instead of just dancing around the issues. I was crushed when the results were published the day after the elections. Fortunately, that wasn’t the end, and the Green Movement is still doing everything it can outside of the Knesset halls to make the difference I voted for.

My goal here is to keep everyone following the English blog updated on the Green Movement’s doings, post articles about different issues, and translate some of the Hebrew articles.



4 responses to “The Unofficial Blog revived!

  1. Welcome, Naama!

  2. I notice the number of plastic bags “distributed” by supermarkets, shuks, etc. with huge frustration. Esp. since they are made from non-biodegradable, toxic, petrochemicals. This wouldn’t have mattered that much had greedy corporations in the US not destroyed the centuries old hemp industry.

    Yes, hemp was used to make plastic until DuPont patented its formula to make it from a pollutant – fossil oil – and Hearst joined in to squash paper from hemp – much better quality than paper from trees and yields much more paper per land area than trees.

    The Green movement should therefore promote defiance of the US Administration and Israeli corporate lobbyists and works towards legalizing hemp – the marijuana connection was just an excuse to kill hemp – that can be used to make about 5,000 different products, including fuel.

  3. Great to hear that you will be breathing life into this blog again. I will be re-posting this item on IsraelEnviroNet ( later today.
    Russell Cohen, Editor: IsraelEnviroNet

  4. Excellent! Welcome, Naama!

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