New round of Green Movement house meetings

In preparation for the forthcoming general assembly and elections of the Green Movement this February (exact date to be determined), we are excited to announce a fresh round of one of the party’s most successful traditions: house meetings!

A house meeting (חוג בית) is an opportunity to gather some interested friends and acquaintances in the relaxed setting of a home, to learn about the Green Movement, ask questions, and discuss pertinent issues and news in the party. It’s a particularly good chance for more involved members to give their circle of acquaintances who might be interested in getting to know the party an opportunity to do so in an environment that’s fun and inviting. Both members and the general public are invited to come, learn, and discuss in this more intimate setting. In this round of house meetings, we’ll be focusing on the candidates in the upcoming party elections.

To host a house meeting, all you need are some elementary baking skills, and the ability to bring a group of interested people to your home! We’ll send out one or a few people to help lead the discussion.

Handy example: my partner Latif and I are hosting a house meeting sometime in January.
menu: date halves with nuts, granola cookies, lemonade.
who’s invited: people from my lab, various friends, a few neigbors who have a compost in their building, two cousins, two roomates, one former roomate, and anyone else we can scrounge up.

see? it’s like falling off a bike people.

If you would like to host or attend a house meeting, please contact Hagit at

See you at the house!


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