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News sources for the 2009 Israeli national elections

As the Knesset election campaign goes into the final stretch…

Three postings of interest as the campaign for Knesset #18 goes into its final two weeks:

1) The Jerusalem Post spotlights the Green Movement-Meimad with coverage of the campaign kickoff event two weeks ago:

“Change starts here,” No. 2 Eran Ben-Yemini declared, “But actually it began 10 to 15 years ago, when we established many of the biggest environmental organizations in Israel.”

Ben-Yemini founded Green Course, while fellow party member Prof. Alon Tal founded The Israel Union for Environmental Defense and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

“When we started out, nobody even knew what ‘the environment’ was. Now we’ve turned it into one of the biggest items on the national agenda,” Ben-Yemini told the crowd.

Meimad head and No. 1 on the combined list Rabbi Michael Melchior stressed the need to prevent security from dominating all other issues.

“We cannot let the older parties use the security issue, no matter how important it is, to once again bury education, environment and social issues.

“When all of the other Knesset members race towards seats on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, the least important committee in the Knesset, we will be running towards the education, social affairs, finance and environment committees,” he thundered.

For the full article, click here.

2) In the Hebrew press, YNET exposes the author of a rogue website, which was trying to masquerade as the homepage of the Israel Green Movement last summer.  The site attempted to portray the Green Movement in an extremist light.  And who was behind the site?  Meital Revino, who just happens to be running for Knesset on the Green Party list (#20).  Note that this blog did its best NOT to engage in badmouthing the Green Party, but I thank YNET and journalist Ehud Kenan for exposing this. For Hebrew readers, the article is here. On our “About” page in the comments section on the bottom, I try to define the differences between the Green Movement-Meimad and the Green Party.

3) Finally, the television campaign began today.  Below is the Green Movement-Meimad’s first commercial – clearly aimed at helping the voters distinguish between the environmental party (us) and the faux greens (them).  Enjoy!

News bytes 24 days before Israel’s elections – the Green Movement-Meimad hit the blogosphere

Green Movement-Meimad Open Election Event

Green Movement-Meimad Open Election Event

While politicians are still debating whether or not Israel’s elections will be held on time, and the mood in Israel is still shadowed by the ongoing conflict in Gaza and southern Israel, the Green Movement-Meimad is continuing to reach out to the Israeli public.  The party’s election event will be this coming Sunday at the Convention Center in Ramat Aviv.  Everyone is invited to attend and meet the party’s candidates, activists and supporters and transportation is available from all over Israel.  Sunday, 18 January, 18:30, Ramat Aviv Convention Center (גני התערוכה), Purple Prime hall.

A new party without huge cash reserves or support from vested business interests, we’re depending on the good work and will of hundreds of activists and thousands of supporters.  One excellent source of support and inspiration (an Obama-esque source) is the blogosphere.  Three in the blogosphere who have weighed in with a positive take on the Green Movement-Meimad party are author/journalist/blogger (South Jerusalem)  Haim Watzman, Jewish Climate Initiative blogger Yannai Kranzler, and teacher/writer/blogger/activist Elana Sztokman.

In her blog, “For serious Jewish women,” Sztokman interviews Professor Alon Tal and writes:

Building bridges

IGM-Meimad: Uniting rather than polarizing

The overlap between environment, education, and social justice creates a powerful and inspired platform – all in the name of Judaism. “We’re talking about ‘nutritional security’,” says Tal. “We want to bring compassion back, a certain type of internal harmony, a community that has a strong sense of social justice.” And this requires political activism.

The new party, the only party running whose list is exactly 50-50 men and women, reflects the pluralism and wholesomeness of its message. “What I like about this merge is how it blends secular, young Jews and mostly religious or traditional Jews,” Tal emotes. “We were so excited about a partnership with this party, even though they had a rabbi with a black suit on as their head and the people in our party were much more secular – because we thought that was something as a statement of sorts. It was good for the country. All the polarization that exists in Israeli society is fabricated by larger parties and manipulated by them. While in fact, on the key day-to-day issues, we don’t have any problems, and we have the same visions.”

The rest of Sztokman’s wonderful interview is here.  Watzman’s piece (which prophesied the merger of the Green Movement and Meimad) is on Jewcy, here, and Kranzler’s supportive piece is here.  We appreciate all three bloggers and their efforts to bring about a social-environmental revolution in Israel.

1 in 6 residents in my apartment block explicitly support the Green Movement-Meimad!

A good start: 1 in 6 residents in my apartment block explicitly support the Green Movement-Meimad!

Change in Green Party leadership may unify environmental parties

Party secretary-general Sachnai -  pledges to  unite all the environmental forces for the elections

Sachnai: Reorganizing the Green Party

Ehud Zion Waldoks of the Jerusalem Post (who has provided excellent coverage of the political-environmental scene this election season) reports that Green Party secretary-general Hadas Sachnai has petitioned against Green Party chair Peer Visner.  Sachnai claims that Visner has violated the rules of the party by serving more than two 4-year terms as party chair.  If Visner is successfully ousted, Sachnai says she will bring about a merger between the Green Party and the Israel Green Movement-Meimad.  Alon Tal, number 3 on the Green Movement-Meimad list, is quoted as saying “We are hopeful that justice will be done in the internal Green Party court in the nick of time to unite all the green parties.”  For the full article, click here.