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Moving on up – the Green Movement-Meimad passing the threshold to the next Knesset!

Every vote counts!

Every vote counts! (Montage by Green Movement member Maya Shalit and her cat.)

Increasingly promising signs that the Green Movement-Meimad will pass the threshold and then some in the elections.  Mock elections held at Tel Aviv and Hebrew University had the Green Movement-Meimad easily passing the threshold.  (The threshold is the minimum amount of votes needed to assure a seat in the next parliament.)  At Hebrew University, more than 1000 students voted and the Green Movement-Meimad took third place, gaining 16 mandates.  At Tel Aviv University, with more than 2500 students voting, we took 4 mandates.  But the best mock election results come in from Tchernokovski High School in Netanya, whose students – after hearing representatives of each of the parties speak – gave 21% of the vote to the Green Movement-Meimad.  This was, according to press coverage, the big surprise of the school election.  Green Movement-Meimad activists continue campaigning throughout the country to make sure this becomes the big surprise of the national election!